LI-FI has the calibre to boost its capacity to transfer the data at a rate that can be roughly 100 times of Wi-Fi technology by the usage of laser LEDs. The LI-FI network allows the users the roam around the room or anywhere in the installed lightning grid. LI-FI adoption can reduce the strain from the existing networks and free the bandwidth for outdoors. LI-FI might seem a better option than existing Wi-Fi system, but it is actually complimenting it. It would take a minimum of 10 – 15 years for the technology to be incorporated into our day to day lives.

An extensive title, but it is all-encompassing none the less. In my 14 plus years of touching devices, I can say that I have seen and felt thousands of pieces of equipment. Though the scenarios in which I am working with the different types of equipment, and the clients certainly do vary.



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